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>>neil: you are watching live the president of the united states right outside his home on pennsylvania avenue. after a theme that some complained brought it into their face the president will celebrate the second inaugural. many say this got do the point, spending is not done, entitlements have their mission, and it will be their agenda. ed henry has been looking at this as we want the presidential motorcade right outside the president's home, cornering the u.s. treasury, now, right next
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door to the white house. ed henry, much has been made of this speech. i know it happens on a day, martin luther king day, and the markets are closed so they did not have a chance to react to the in your faceness of it, i did not find it that necessarily in your face but he was standing by some things he felt he got elected on but how will it be perceived? some republicans have already said they are not happy. >> he was direct, blunt, and aggressive. this was an address where the president said i won the election, and i am be aggressive in the second term to push my agenda. republicans will not be happy. democrats will be fired up about the idea high could be a bit more aggressive the second term than in the first term. folks on the left are happy he got health care reform done. that he got the stimulus. a lot of democrats believe he did not go hard enough against the republicans in the first
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time. to become the first president to use the word "gay" in an address or to defend entitlement programs at a time when everyone in washington is talking about debt and deficits, he threw down the gauntlet and made clear, i won the election, i will stand for these following things. he did not go in great detail. he does that next month. he made clear he is coming out where he is and he will come out swinging and he thinks he will get a lot done. we will see. >>neil: before i leave, much was made that the president has not walked much so far, what do you make of that? compared to last inaugural. >>reporter: he will be making that town as you say at the treasury department in a block or so from where we are right now, at lafayette park. look, they are always careful about not having the president walk too far. based on the cheers he is getting close because people
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here, outside the white house, they have been waiting if hours, since early this morning, 7:00 or 8:00 a.m. lining up here, so you get the idea after 4:00 p.m. eastern time, folks are cold, folks are tired, they are very excited to see the newly inaugurated president, re-elected president coming out here. as i mention, look, he threw down the gauntlet on the issues but republican leaders, at least today, are saying warm things and speaker boehner at traditional lunch gave a toast which is what they will do on a day like this, saying we are ready to work with you, congratulations. tomorrow and the day after, republicans will be ready to start pushing back on the issues. the battle is joined in pomp and circumstance today. the president made clear in that address in the days ahead he will try to take it to the republicans. the question will be, how they will push back. >>neil: we will take that up with the majority head of the house of representatives shortly and ahead of that larry sabato. larry, you are an expert on all
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things presidential history and were with me four years ago when it was a lot cold it and there were almost two million, and we are told 500,000 or 700,000 this go round. what do you make just of this crowd versus last crowd, historic last time, business as usual this time? >> inaugurals for a second temperature are flat. that's because we already know the president. we know the president's staff. we know the president's cabinet. we certainly know the issues. i don't think there is nearly as much as excitement but there will build more fireworks. >>neil: do you think the speech, and much has been made that he took it to republicans and stood by entitlements and tried to say, look, we have the spending issues to deal with but we are not going to do it on the backs of the poor, et cetera, et cetera, not very different from the campaign stump speech or what he said after the election, is that what you do in inaugural
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speech? >> it is what you do when you have one house in control of the opposition party and as i listened to the speech i thought, yes, that is the d agenda and he is trying to energize the democratic base because, really, that is his only shot for getting much of his agenda passed in the second term. >>neil: the big part of that agenda if you want to do the big spending and big initiatives is impossible even with the make up of you have now. so, what in that address do you think looks do-able? >> a part or two of immigration but i doubt broad immigration. a piece or two could be negotiable. it is possible you could get a package that had universal background checks with mental health and other things on post newtown. there are bits and pieces but you are right, nil, the vast majority of what the president
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would like to do will either not be done as all, or will only occur after some extreme difficult negotiation, a long, cold, twilight struggle, day in and day out. i want to get to you later about the speech and whether it was john f. kennedy or where it fell but the president now and the motorcade are passing treasury and you can see that, and that is where we will have the more heated battles with the new treasury secretary designate, jack lew, who will take over from a guy who took on a lot of controversial initiatives and john roberts is on the flatbed truck. john, much has been said about this president's approach, coming out as he did early on the route. can we expect him to come out
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again? >> it is timing. timing is everything. you talk about jack lieu and we are going past the treasury department. the president get out between 7th and 12th but you can see there is movement here among the staff and there are secret service on the pickup truck behind us and it is expected as we make the item on to pennsylvania avenue which is, really, the road home beyond the treasury and the white house, that the president will get out and he will walk the remainder of the way to the white house and he will get inside that heated reviewing stand and watch 9 parade go by which will, with the parade being 1.5 mile long probably take a couple of hours. it will not wrap up until after the sun has gone down in washington. as we pass by the treasury department you consider geithner leashing and we saw him on the platform outside the west front of the white house today and jack lieu coming in and there are a lot of republicans who are not too happy with jack lew
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because of the way they felt he dealt with them during the fiscal cliff of 2011 there will be a lot of questions at the confirmation hearings from a lot of republicans who have a bad taste in their mouth. the presidential limousine just making the corner and they are making preparations and the doors are opening. each of the doors on the modified cadillac weighs 800 pounds and 6" thick. the president and the first lady will walk the rest of the way down the plaza to the white house. >> and now this is next door to the white house and we are at the area at pennsylvania avenue across from the presidential viewing stand, and family and friends and associates, very, very close contacts of the
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obamas are there and they waiting for the obamas to get in there and join them for what will be a two hour parade procession running half an hour behind schedule. everything was smooth until the congressional luncheon that just somehow for some reason with a bunch of politicians talking dragged on and on. you may find that worthy of a fox news alert, but that is what happened. it was ahead of schedule until the luncheon. we have the house majority leader joining us right now, he and his wife joining the obamas and the bidens at white house in the spirit of bipartisanship. much has been made, leader, about the tone of the president's speech and whether it was in your face or not, the republicans' face. do you agree? >> what i think today is what you see on the screen. just americans coming together
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some of whom voted for the and the some didn't, in celebration of the inaugural hoping that france we will chart a new path and solve some problems together for a change. that is my take. the president gave a speech today and laid out things he wants to do and i think there are areas we have in common and can work together on. the president made a good deal about the difference between those doing well in our society and those who are not suggesting he may not be done taxing the well-to-do on the heels of chuck schumer over the weekend saying that the senate will produce a budget and it will include higher taxes on the wealthy and republicans may not like it but paraphrasing they just have to deal with that. what do you think of that? >> well, i fundamentally disagree. i don't think most americans would say to give more money to washington to have washington spend their money is a way to
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help anyone. we identify with those who have not experienced upward mobility and want to help those who need a safety net and provide the relief and save the programs and give them some opportunity working through areas on education, hopefully, the white house will finally join us in some of thosests, and there are all kinds of things and workforce training and others that we can find common ground on depending on whether the mood today lasts. >>neil: do you get a sense they are leery, the dims, to go too crazy on spending cuts. the president told president obama he sees it as a health care problem. if they get health care spending under control you may not have to attack some of the other
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entitlements they charge you are trying to rip apart. what do you say to that, it is almost entirely health care? >> well, there are examples throughout the federal government where the dollars are not spent wisely. we ought to treat it as other people's money because it is the money earned bit taxpayers and we have an obligation to make sure that we don't continue the wasteful ways of washington. we intend in the house of representatives to promote an agenda that allows for getting spending under control, not just in the health care area but in many other arenas, where even the gao has pointed out again and again there is a lot of room for improvement to rid the system of waste, fraud, and abuse. >>neil: do you think as the president makes his way to the reviewing stand, he is feet from us, literally, from where i am,
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before he moves to the review youing stand, do you think he is seizing on what he thinks is the advantage over congress and your popularity, collectively, republicans, sir, and he will get his way because you guys have not found yours. what do you say? >> listen, we are in the majority in the house of representatives because the voters of our district sent to us do the job to reinstill a common sense approach into the spending situation in washington and actually begin to allow america to grow again. we believe there are areas in common to work with the president on and to promote innovation and opportunity country we are and to reflect on our roots about a country open to all and has more opportunity for more people than any in the
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history of the world. >>neil: a man who will be central to all the debates moving forward, and now you can see me the president is now at the white house, at his home, he is now going to be making his way to that reviewing stand. larry sabato, right or left, the parades have been going on for how long? >> inaugural parades almost since the beginning, balls since the middle of the 19 the the -- 19th century. they are part of the american tradition. >>neil: i feel for the marching badge, you know they cannot look at president and the first lady in the box, right? they are all going to be out of line when they do. >> it is a tough decision. most of them resolve in advance
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not to look. it is tough. it shows how dedicated they are. >>neil: is it your experience that when the president gets in the reviewing stand and looks -- by the way a lot of people have been here since early this morning and we got here after 6:00 this morning and they were still, they were here. got knows how long but they were out here. when they have an event like this, how important is it for the president to stick to the whole thing, the whole parade? >> he has to stay through the whole parade, no question. >> he does not dash in and out. >> you have to have proof he is there. >> you have to see him. it is essential for a president to wait until the bitter end. most of his people do, too. >> do you get a sense that this president, a lot has been said of the fact that coming in to the second temperature he has a lower popularity than a lot of predecessors but, again, a lot of the predecessors lost their popularity quickly and he is seizing on whatever good will he
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has quite quickly. >> he has to. he is in the low fists. he is only a point or two above what he got in november which was 51 percent. that is unusual because we have hot starts when a president is way up the way clinton was this 1997. there are lukewarm starts to a second term. probably i would say nixon was there in 1972. you have cold starts. this is a cold start. bush's start in 2005 for the second was a cold start. >>neil: but is he helped that the opposition there is such a chasm in the approval levels between the two, that is an advantage he has, otherwise there is lower-than-average ratings he does and it is masks. >> it is helpful to him that the democratic party is rated more likely than the republican party. the reason it will not help in the house of representatives is
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as cantor admitted a majority of republicans were elected from districts that voted substantially against president obama so it is not if their interests to go along with his agenda and obviously they are worried about getting re-elected in 2014. they are worried about being challenged in a party primary. that is obama's real problem. >>neil: i look add joe biden, and at his swearing in, he had top democratic officials and governors from iowa, from south carolina, from new hampshire, all key democratic states four years out. what was that about? >> we know it is about 2016. he is off and running. >>neil: with owe without hillary clinton? >> that is the question. will he challenge hillary clinton if she runs. he is preparing the way in case she doesn't at which point he may very well be the
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frontrunner, or, if she does run he has a decision to make, does he think he can overcome her substantial edge? look, four years is a long-term. who knows. >>neil: she was a little over four years ago the frontrunner who spike was crazy to challenge and he could figure, biden, what the heck. >> at his age, he is 70 now so he will will be almost 74 so this is his last chance. of course he is preparing to run if he can. >>neil: do you also, looking at this, and joining the obamas and larry sabato as they finish up the front of their home at pennsylvania avenue. this used to be a public thunderstorm fair -- public thoroughfare shortly after 9/11 and they shut it down. it is a private walkway. pedestrianses can walk it. over the last 24 hours it has not even been accessible to
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human beings as they locked it down. this president wants to make a mark, larry, and the argument is that he has a fight cut out. if he engages it right he could be the most consequential democrat since fdr. do you agree? >> that is what he hopes. the conditions over the next four years economically and politically do not give him much of a chance of achieving that. as often is said, presidents get one or two lines in hit. one of the lines is already written. the first african-american president. what will be the second behind? i don't know. we will find out over the next four years. >>neil: we have a lot more including the good professor who was good enough to help us out four years ago when the weather was colder and providing the same key role this time, i call the professor, our joe biden, reliable, often funny, even when he doesn't intend to be but i am
1:21 pm
jesting. and art laffer on what encouraged him and what discouraged him and what republicans have to do. keep in mind before you think art laffer is right wing nut, he voted for bill clinton twice. and there is a reason for that. art laffer after this. my insurance rates e probably gonna double. but, dad, you've got... [ voice of dennis ] allstate. with accident forgiveness, they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. [ voice of dennis ] indeed. are you in good hands? ♪ [ male announcer ] some day, your life will flash before your eyes. make it worth watcng. introducing the 2013 lexus ls. an entirely new pursuit. [ male announcer ] it's red lobster's 30 shrimp! for $11.99 pair any two shrimp selections on one plate!
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>>neil: the scene on the right today for the president's inauguration and four years ago. apples and oranges. it was very different then, the first african-american sworn into office getting 1.8 million american crammed town this fine city.
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but still between half a million and 700,000 which is typical for a second term inauguration. you can see, a lot different than four years ago. california -- carl cameron, a little bit different than four years ago? >>carl: surely. folks are leaving. the crowd is smaller. we do not have an official crowd estimate but we got information from the washington, dc metro system, the subway system, and they say they are 60 percent of the crowd that came here four years ago which would put it considerably larger than the estimates. 1.8 million was here four years ago and they expected 500,000 to 700,000. the speech and the address dead and all festivities notwithstanding, the republican community here in washington, dc was brace god what they expected to be a somewhat strong kickoff
1:26 pm
to a partisan second term when the obama campaign of 2012 announced they would not go into moth balls but they would be advocacy group, a 501c4 an i.r.s. contribution for the agenda of the president so they figured this would not be a call to unity but a call to arms and that will unfold the next year. as you discussed with larry sabato, newly minted second term presidents have a year and a half to get something done before the midterm election. the work starts in earnest tomorrow. in the house of representatives today, eric cantor on your show and the g.o.p. said they would go forward seeking this extension of the increase on the debt ceiling. the president insisted he would not negotiate the debt ceiling again. the republican response is to give themselves more time before raising it. the partisan posturing, the
1:27 pm
positioning, that will yield to partisanning battling anew. >>neil: thank you. now, something that is fascinating. four years ago and again here, they get out of the their cars, the president and the vice president, they wave to the crowd, keep in mind they are feet away from the reviewing stand. they get back in the car. then to the reviewing stand and i am sure there is logic and reason and it has to do with the timing of it all but they are feet away. i could touch them. he will take the rest of the way by car. that is the vice president and the president. they will soon be in the reviewing stand. the former chairman of ubs america, a very, very important influential financial player for the obamas and kitchen cabinet
1:28 pm
type advisors on all things business community. very good to see you. thank you for coming. >> i have not seen you since election night. good to be on. chuck schumer said today the senate will have a budget that will include more taxes on the wealthy. republicans will have to deal with it. the president suggested as were, that there is still this chasm between the rich and the poor, speaking in the clearest terms that the rich have to do more than they have done. do you think your buddies in the financial community are ready for that? that could be a news alert? they feel they got their taxes hiked. >> i would be surprised if we are talking taxes. >>neil: what are we talking? autumnized deductions. >>neil: they were almost trimmed back, right? >> first, the goal would be to get four plus trillion. it would be great to get 2.5-1, spending cuts to revenues.
1:29 pm
>>neil: not 40-1. you think the ratio will be more even. >> it will be if you include the first $1.2 trillion part of the budget control act, you will see that is proposal the next that is more 1-1 so you will see around 2-1 i think. >>neil: we could argue over that. >> we argued before. i won that. >>neil: whatever. could i get your sense of where this is going? with the republican mood today trying to postpone the delegate sealing deadline for a few months, they trying to get their ducks in order, they are trying to get the immediate pressure off as much as the country but what do you think the markets which are closed, with do in reaction to the constant kicking the can. >> i am surprised by the buoyancy of the market. the next 45 to 60 days has
1:30 pm
incredible uncertainty. the debt ceiling, obviously. three months is not a long period if that is the extension. i don't think it should be part of the negotiation. reagan actually raised it 17 times. the sequestration would be negative. >>neil: did you feel that way when every democratic including then senator obama voted against it? >> i would have told him he was wrong. i think it should not be part of negotiation. >>neil: you do not like the extension because it doesn't address it? >> three months doesn't do anything. >>neil: how will wall street be in the remaining weeks? >> nervous about the debt ceiling and sequestration that hurtd g.d.p. and the fiscal deal. again, everyone wants deficit reduction. they do not want debt pour on. >> do you believe there is still an appetite to cut spending? this is a walkway that will connect the white house and the
1:31 pm
reviewing stand and the motorcade is going to the south side of the white house behind the white house, and the back of this building right now and they go to the white house to this walkway just to get to this reviewing stand. you are looking at there and seeing what, robert? it seems like more gamesmanship in both sides with a brief window. >> the economy is better, that is clear. housing is coming back. there is alignment between the business community and the priorities of the executive office. immigration reform. education. corporate tax reform. we need the other things we mentioned, the debt ceiling happened first. otherwise, this is going to be an uncertain year. >> why didn't you get picked if treasury? ing in against jack lew but they need guys like you. >> i am very flattered. fox should start a campaign for me.
1:32 pm
very flattered. >>neil: thank you, robert. when we come back, art laffer will join us and by the time that occurs the obamas and the bidens will be there. ÷÷ i have low testosterone. there, i said it.
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>> in this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem. government is the problem. >> the commitments we make to each other through medicare and medicaid and social security, they do not sap our nation, they strengthen us. they do not make us a nation of takers. they free us to take the risks that make this country great. >>neil: two very different presidents, two very different addresses one advocating the dismantling of government and the other espousing the virtues. art laffer i know where you come out on this but the president wasn't shy about this and wasn't shy about protecting entitlements and wasn't shy about going after the well-to-do
1:37 pm
americans and decided to do it not in the "state of the union" address in a few weeks but the inaugural address. >> i was not surprised this is the mantra of president obama and he is true to form and he just is saying what he believes and what he has run on. it is straight obama. >>neil: what was interesting, nowhere in the speech did you get a sense of the urgency of addressing spending, period, or making a sweeping attempt to control our budget process. a veiled reference to addressing our country's greater ills but not defining spending. that lead ms. to believe in -- t leads me to believe in the brief honeymoon period there will not be focus on that, and chuck schumer said over the weekend, the senate will produce a budget. it will include taxes, more taxes on the rich and if
1:38 pm
republicans don't like it they have to deal with it. >> obviously government has a role to play and that role is fine but if you go beyond that role it is too much and if you go way beyond it, it is a crisis. today, the problem is we have too much government not too little government. the senate proposing more taxes on the rich, that misses the point. you cannot tax an economy into prosperity. reagan realized that very well as president. he dropped taxes dramatically. the truth of the matter he did not put them to zero. the problem is not all government. government has huge role to play. it is just that now is not the time to expand government but the time to contract it and bring the spending down. that is not what i hear obama say or schumer and i am not sure what i hear from the republicans in the house of representatives. i hope they delay the debt ceiling for three months and address spending in the house. that is what they will have to win. >>neil: they addressed that
1:39 pm
and they said earlier the move to delay the debt ceiling for another few months to me it seems like kicking the can down the road. i guess they think that maybe in that time they will get their act together but i am not so sure. >> i am not either, i am worried about the house of representatives. it is supposed to be the loyal opposition, and they supposed to compromise and work with the budget and work with the senate and make things happen but i worry very much if they retreat too far and collapse and cave. that would be a very major mistake to the united states. >>neil: quickly, art, did ronald reagan like the parades if maybe the second was indoors, everything was indoors that year, maybe the parade. but did he like the parades? that is something that comes with being a newly inaugurated president, did he enjoy it? >> he didn't enjoy the second. in 1985, it was the coldest year
1:40 pm
ever in history and it was amazing. no one enjoyed that. but president reagan loved his role, he enjoyed being at state dinners and state functions and enjoyed telling stories and he enjoyed representing the united states and he did a very good job. if you remember, reagan at all of events, the best american president i have ever seen or heard of in dealing with social situations. he was just wonderful at that. >>neil: thank you very much. that was ronald reagan then. we waiting for president obama now inside the white house and they will make that walkway from the white house. i don't know why i am obsessing over this. eding the walkway, and then rebuilding this viewing stand, which they tear down and they
1:41 pm
rebuild. who am i to judge, though, this is part of the pageantry we admire, and i admire, as well, if you like parades you will have your share with dozens of marching bands and no less than 59 different acts involving thousands and 200 animals. barn yard animals? a lot more.
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1:45 pm
other close democratics who are in the stand. a close friend of mine and a man familiar with the building behind me is ben stein, served a very crucial role with richard nixon and beyond. >> and ford. >> i came to the first inauguration in 1953 and was inaugurate add block away from here as an 8-year-old child on my father's shoulders. all right, barack obama and his daughters and family making their way to the reviewing stand. how did he do? >> i thought it was a trivial speech in serious times and i was disappointed. this city is an armed catch because we are afraid of terrorism and there are armed soldier everywhere and he did not mention terrorism. he talked about very important domestic policy issues like gay page but did not mention terrorism at all and used the
1:46 pm
phrase "peace in our time." he made no serious effort. >> you talk about threats to democracy you didn't think that was good enough? >> no i do not. he did not mention in a serious way the debt monster eating us alive. he just ignored that as if it were an imaginary thing. that is a real problem. >> big spending cuts did not evidence itself. >> promising more and more. >>neil: did he practice more support if the type of entitlements that will continue to grow. >> he promised delivering in generalities and the gifts for the interest groups and nothing to control the debt mantra that will eat america alive. he showed no discipline, no rhetoric, this was a speech he must have written an hour before the inauguration. >>neil: i don't think that is the case. they say he was working on this
1:47 pm
since december. >> then he wasn't working hard. i was at the inauguration of john f. kennedy, let every nation whether they wish us well or well we will assure the survival of liberty. there is no phrase like that, no great phrase in the speech nothing that anyone will remember but i promise you this, i promise you that. there is nothing great in this speech. >>neil: more important issues, the the bangs of mrs. obama? >> she looks great. i am not her husband and i would not have chosen it, but it is not up to me to choose. >> i was oblivious until late yesterday someone said this has gotten as much press? >> she is wildly important. mrs. biden is really, really, really, you know, she is a stunning knock out. >> let's move on to things that
1:48 pm
will keep us out -- do you get, this regular part of this, the parade has been going on since the beginning of the century, since early 10000's, but of this grand door and the reviewing stand and everything else did richard nixon like these? >> no, he didn't like it. >> he was not a real people person. >> no, he wanted to get business done and get the country moving again and do a bunch of big domestic policy and he didn't like the business of all the we splendor and grandeur for a human being. it is just too much not getting for work. we have real crisis here. >> she is either texting or taking pictures.
1:49 pm
>> first family is texting. she is wearing a beautiful outfit. she, they are both wearing -- she is in a sleeveless dress and it is a very cold day. >> to there it is heated. not are we are. but there it is heated. >> not where you and i are. >> you have had nothing but whining. >> i will say something great. it is great, the first inauguration i went to it was all white people. now it is all different races, america is more inclusive, that is incredible. unbelievable. great, great progress. >> but it doesn't make you will for your whining. >> it does. >> larry sabato has reason to mind, not one complaint from him. not a peep. >> he is a nicer guy than i am. >> he is, indeed. we will have more after this.
1:50 pm
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1:53 pm
>>neil: joined by my friend, larry sabato, a few feet away from the president and the vice president and their respective families in the reviewing box. it is heated. they took off their jackets and are taking it easy. you can see the obama girls and for her 14th birthday she got a cell phone. the president said she and not use it during the week, but on the weekends but they made an exception for this event. the older girl, closest in the sleevest, when these girls finish this term, they will be 18 and 15 having spent the formative part of their growing years in that bubble that we call the white house. >> they still will be followed around by secret service agents as they date even after the
1:54 pm
white house years. >>neil: wish i had that for my daughters. that has to be tough. that is a weird adjustment. >> some are better than others. i have had presidential kids over the years, at the university of virginia, and some adjust very well and enjoy the perks of the office and there are a lot of perks and others hate it and cannot wait until their parents are out of politics. >> when you are real young is probably not as difficult, now the first of many marching bands , that part can be exciting but, then, leaving the white house has to be, like, wait a minute, there will not be a group for me, i have to deal with traffic and other stuff. >> an experience i have never
1:55 pm
had to worry about. >> the professor has people would had people. >> we are looking at michelle obama, how instrumental do you think she will be in trying to public the president's message because she pushed it very, very successfully whether people like the message or not at the democratic convention and throughout the campaign, will she play a pivotal role the next four years going for traditional first lady role to first cheerleader for her husband in. >> that is a question. will she be more involved in the agenda. she was not involved the first term and as a consequence, she had popularity, favorability rating ten, 15, sometimes 20 points higher than the president. the more you get involved in real politics, the more likely it is that you are going to have your popularity decline. that happened to hillary clinton during her husband's administration. the more involved she was, the
1:56 pm
worst ratings and she got out of the policy side not to mention a certain incident her popularity skyrocket the. >> a lot of presidents or first ladies do fought like the ceremonial aspects that come with their job, say, perhaps, a parade and sitting for two hours to watch it. but there are others likes nixon who didn't like this. barack obama didn't like the idea of pardoning a turkey at thanksgiving but he proved to like the traditional role and saw it in the bigger picture. do they get that way? >> if they don't, they fail. people expect presidents to do the ceremonial aspect and, also, we like presidents to like what they do. we can tell if they like it or not. so on the whole presidents better off when they show some enjoyment as i think the president is doing today. who couldn't enjoy a parade thrown in his honor? i hope to be at one for you one
1:57 pm
day. >> wouldn't that be great. do you think, then, this president will start the term, he was as he said at outset very strong willed, and sent a message to voters, the way he will do thing, he will not compromise that much, he might settle down more details in the state of the union but it was a take no prisoners speech. >> political realities overwhelm good speeches. it does not make a difference what you say, a speech is just a speech and the reality is, republicans control half of congress and with the exception of executive orders, you need congress, both houses, to pass the key parts of your legislation. >> all right, larry, thank you very much. always a friend. even when i lose bets why feel like a fool. we will be back on fox business network tonight at 8:00 p.m. with the likes of michael
1:58 pm
dukakis and others and what they think about this event which is part of america whether you like it or not, whether you like him or not, right new, he has a new four year lease on life. he coming out swinging. [ male announcer ] here's a word that could give you peace of mind. unbiased. some brokerage firms are. but way too many aren't. some of the ones that push mutual funds with their names on them -- aren't. why? because selling their funds makes them more money. which makes you wonder -- isn't that a conflict? am i in the best fund for me, or them? search "proprietary mutual funds". yikes, it's best for them. then go to e-trade. we've got over 8,000 mutual funds and not one of them has our name on it. why? because that's not the business we're in. we're in the business of finding the right investments for you. e-trade. less for us. more for you.
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